Antiqued Copper Amethyst Dreamcatcher Necklace

Antiqued Copper Amethyst Dreamcatcher Necklace

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Traditionally, Native Americans used Dreamcatchers as talismans to protect people while they slept, typically for children.  They believed that the air at night was filled with good and bad dreams.

However, the Dreamcatcher has become a talisman for many people who will wear them as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to ward off anything negative and let all the good flow through.

This dreamcatcher has been hand woven with care and love using solid Copper wire that has been given a patina to give it an aged, antique appearance.  It is embellished with a amethyst bead.

This necklace comes with a standard 18” Copper chain.  Pendant measures “H x “W.

Need a different length of necklace or color of bead?   Contact me for custom orders.  Prices may vary.

Handmade in Duluth, MN USA.